Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Busy Life!!!

Busy at work,, busy at home....Last night was my Technique Tuesday Class....if you have a free 3rd Tuesday of the should join us...we learn a new technique each month, and there is only a material cost of $2.00. Such a deal. We learn our technique while making a page for a book you will be compiling, and then we have a project of some type using that technique!!!

Tonight I was a Dunce....I ran all morning from one appointment to another....then worked for 4 hours...and for some reason, thought I had Rocky Mountain Inkslingers grabbed a sub, and sat int he parking lot there reading till time to start...and the building remained dark, well past the time we should have started...and it dawned on me this was the 3rd Wednesday, not the I'm back at home trying to get some things caught up...Oh well, I have my swap done!!!

From my mailbox....Miss Abigail sent me this Thank You card....

I love those embossing folders!!!

And from my Goody box...

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  1. You'll be happy you have your swap done next week!