Friday, November 27, 2009

Post Thanksgiving!!!!

I hope everyone had a Blessed Thanksgiving!!!! Ours started out rather interestingly. I was in the kitchen, working on pre dinner snacks that I was bringing to Kris'...when I had the sensation that I was being watched. I looked out the sliding glass door in the Breakfast Nook...and there stood a huge!!!! I quickly put Rusty in the laundry room, so he wouldn't spook him...didn't need him coming thru the glass...and then went to look to see if there were anymore, and to get my camera....There was another older buck and a doe....Went outside and got some good pictures..., although, at one point, I had to stop, as I think he was getting adjutated!!! They hung around for about 2 hours.

So that was my excitement for Thanksgiving...Dinner at Kris' was yummy, with Kris, Dale, Sarah and Abbey, and Dale's mom there, Nick brought Heather, and Matt came, and my Nephew Mike. Kinda a lazy day...but much to be Thankfull for!!!


  1. I love watching deer--animals don't get so self-absorbed like us animals. I had Ali at my house for three days, one cay was high maintenance but had fun the rest of the time. Then we had a very nice Thanksgiving on Monday when Aaron and Andrea came to pick up Ali. I actually got to cook--so that is what my kitchen if for!!!

  2. I watched for over 2 hours....I was suposed to be making our part of the dinner!!!! Kitchen...what's that????