Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Long Day....

It seemed like a very long day today....Not sure why!!!! I ran errands in the morning....then had a field day in Target. I was after a turkey roaster....Last Easter...I was baking a carrott cake the day before Easter...for Easter Dinner...and my oven went up in flames....We never did figure out what was up. I put the cake in and in about 5 minutes...found it burnt to a krisp. Then I was in a panic as we were hosting Easter dinner...and I was afraid to put a ham in the oven....so we went to about every store in Colorado Springs ...looking for a Roaster...and no one had them...I guess they only come out at Christmas....so this year I'm prepared.....got my roaster!!!! Oh...the oven worked perfectly Easter morning!!! Go figure!!!!

Thought I would do a Sneek Peak for my project and swap for Saturday...

Got an E-mail from Stampin' Up!...my Certification for My Digital Studio went thru...so I am Official....have been having so much fun with it!!!!Stop by and I will give you a demo!!
Here's what I've been workign on today....

It's similar to one in the catalog...except I made a window sheet cover. Thought I would do a Blog Give away!!!! Leave me a comment....and I will draw for a set of the tags next Tuesday!!! Check back to see if you are a winner...and I will get it off to you!!!


  1. Looking forward to getting my My Digital Studio!

    Good luck with the turkey this year :)

  2. Love the tags...they look so official. That would make a GREAT gift for someone! Wish I was as talented as you! :)

  3. Hey Cathy:
    I have that same stamp set! Love your tags! They look better than the ones at the store! Good luck with the contest;)

  4. Cathy, These tags are really pretty. And I like how you boxed them up. I'm hoping to get some tags made for Christmas. Right now, I have to get thru Thanksgiving, though. I think that we will have 20-25 people here. I love my Roaster. I use it to do my turkey on Thanksgiving day, so my oven is available for other stuff.

  5. We're going to Kris' for Turkey Day....so I have a break this year...will do a small turkey...in the roaster over the weekend....Gotta have the stuffing and that turkey smell!!!!

  6. Maybe next week I can think about tags--now up to my ears with other stuff. Career fair today was OK! Ran into all of my unemployed buddies. On to my next project.

  7. And what is the next project...do you have swaps done for Saturday???

  8. Cathy -- I wish I could make as good of use of my "spare" time that you do. Just no discipline I guess. I will have to practice better next year. I am cooking this year -- the Utah kids are coming in. All 5 of them (two dogs included)so we should have a fun time.
    I loved the tags. Will have to check out the new digital thing. Of course, I have to be comfortable with my computer first. :0)
    Have a great Thanksgiving. Talk to you soon.