Saturday, November 14, 2009

Club Projects on Display!!!'s been a busy week....had my wonderful Stamper's 10 Clubs Thursday and Friday nites.....I love you keep me excited about stamping!!! Then had my Matchbox class this morning...sorry it seemed a little chaotic....I need to come up with a different system on these classes...and I think it came to me while we were all sitting there .....will try it on the next boxing class!!!

These are the 2 club Make-n-Takes we did last nite...the first is Rainbow a very nice look. The second is a great little bookmark, that can be used for student or teacher gifts.

And these are some more examples using the rainbow embossing...does a great job on wedding cards!!!!


  1. I thought the mathbox class was perfect! And I always enjoy a little chaos (just a little) - makes life interesting. The boys were alive and well when I got home - so no one starved ;)

    I'm also extremely glad you put your boxes into kits! I was disappointed I missed that class but thrilled that I was able to buy the kits I wanted :)

    And finally, love that bookmark. I always try to make little gifts for my book club and that looks perfect.

    Keep all this fun coming our way Cathy! I really enjoy it :)