Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Apology and My Mailbox

I'm so sorry Ladies....I've been missing in action again....I really do wish I had been spending time at home....Stamping...but I've been in training for my new job!!!! Well, it's only a temporary job.....but the pay is great!!!! I will be working for the Federal Government for the next 4-6 weeks as a Census Taker. Training has been all this week, and there are so many rules......I've come home with my head spinning every day.....but it should be fun...or at least interesting....someday ...when it's all over, I'm sure I will have some interesting tales!!!!

So, as I have so much to keep on task for the big stamp show....I will keep this short today!!! I got 2 cards in the mail this past week!!! Thank you all!!!!

Melinda...thank you for the beautiful Thank you card...I love Black and Red cards...they are just so rich!!!!

And Phyllis...thanks so much for the "Just Because" put a smile on my face after a long hard day.

Last night was our Inkslingers Club Meeting, so I will post swaps and projects later!!!! I did part of the snacks....and had made everything the night home from work...only to find "someone" had discovered the pulled I fortunatly had a few extra minutes...and quickly made another batch!!!!

I'm feeling that I have stayed on task for the Stamp show...and it is all coming together!!! I got some wonderful affirmations from the show coordinator about last years that was so nice. It is a very long story...but I was very pleased with what she said...and very humbelled. I guess if we do wait, and are patient ...we to get rewards!!!! I know the Lord has been telling me that...I am just so bull-headed!!!!

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