Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Windy Day

Does the wind make me frustrated...I think it does... Hello ladies...have been a bit frustrated with all of this job today I headed over to the AARP enroll in a program they have to train and help place displaced workers like say a prayer...I'm pretty sure I've been approved for the program...just waiting on the last phone call...then I hope I get a good placement!!!! It's only part time and minimum wage...but that's better then what else I've been getting....especially since my unemployment is about to run out....This economy has got to turn around soon!!!!

Enough of are the swaps I got last week at the Rocky Mountain Inkslingers Meeting....

OK...I did a really cute card...and I made I'd have copies of it...and do you think I can find it.....And life gets more perplexing...I think I will stop while I'm ahead!!!

One last post...I just went outside to let Rusty out...and the skies are just grey with ...I wasn't sure.....So I went outside....Big wasn;t smokey smeolling which I was afraid it was....but after I came i all I could smell was it muct jsut be the wind stirring up the dust...but now My eyes are killing me...and I'm having difficulty off to take an allergy pill....Sure hope this wind dies down soon.....I feel like Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz!!!


  1. I know what you mean about the wind, Cathy. It would be such a nice day out, if it wasn't soooo windy! It just drives me crazy!!
    These cards are really pretty, and cute ideas.
    Good luck with AARP. Hopefully they can at least place you in something, until you can find a better job.

  2. Are these stampin up stamps??? I love the one with the Dandelion looking flower...