Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Mailbox!!!

Last of the Easter cards!!!!!

This one was done by my dear fiend...who I saw yesterday at lunch, Sandy Underwood. Thanks Sandy!!!!

And this beautiful card was done by Jenell...I love the embellishment...Thanks Jennell!!!

Lastly...this is one of the Easter cards I made...but did not send...they will be for next year, as I finished them up after I had sent cards out!!!!I have a funny story to share. Steven asked the day before Easter if we were coloring eggs...I haven't colored eggs in years...and told him no since we weren't hiding them for kids, and since he didn't like deviled eggs, I would just boil up a few for egg salad...he was heart broken... Our son Nick loves to make eggs on the mornings he is home from college....and so when he opened up the egg carten on Easter morning...these are what greated him!!!

Nick has a very dry sense of humor...but he really chuckled over this!!!! Good to see him laugh!!! Sometimes my hubby!?!?!

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