Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Prep Day...

Been running all morning trying to get last minute things for Easter!!!! Brr!!!!'s cold out there after the last few days of warmth...and windy...yuck!!! WalMart was out of most candies...which was propbably just as good, cause we really don't need that here!!!! Was cleaning off my desk and came across some Valentines needed to get them posted on here!!!!

This one is from one of my Stamping Friends, Melissa Keese....I love the pink paper on the is shimmery...the scan doesn't do it justice!!!

This one is from my dear friend Phyllis Parker....she used the Love Bandit set out of the Occassions Mini....this is such a fun set!!!

And then who doesn't love House Mouse....this one was from another dear friend, Donna Loughridge.
I plan to do better and get my cards I recieve on here...I have a ton of Easter ones...but the are all up on the sideboard right now, as I didn't get too many decorations out this year!!!

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