Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Swaps and Jobs!!!

Here are the swaps from last weekend....

Such talent....we do need to start signing the I'm not sure who's is who's!?!?! I do know that the boot one is Karens', the hammer one is Sandys', the antique car is Phyllis', and I'm assuming the pink tulip is Abbeys' as I knew she did pink, not a manly card!!! If you want to claim yours leave a comment!!!!

Got a phone call from the US Census yesterday...guess what...I'm gonna be a Census only fear is, since this is a rural area, I'm hoping I get a more populated area!!! There are some creepy areas out here!!! WE shall is next week....Then went and dropped off an application at Current....I would love to work there or Paper we shall see....but when I got home there was a call in from Academy Interenational School for an interview tomorrow!!!! I think this is a position for next school year...WooHoo!!!! And I just renewed my application with District 20 yesterday!!! So maybe things are picking up!!!


  1. Cathy,
    The card with the deer and trees is mine. :0) We have been watching the deer cross our property for the last week and they seem so tame, although they are not. I just had to do one of them and it was timely as it is a "manly" card.
    Do hope things go well for you with Dist 20. That would be so nice to be closer to home.
    Good luck on the census thing. If you need a partner to just ride along -- give me a call. I am usually available most days.
    Yes, the snow is rather intense here in the trees too. looks like about 10 inches now. Just as I think it has stopped -- the blue sky dissapears and the snow starts again. Very heavy and we. So more moisture is what we needed and moisture is sure what we are getting. :0)
    Have a safe weekend.

  2. Hi Cathy, the 4 puppies is mine..
    Had a great time that weekend..

  3. I love that stamp....I may have to borrow it from you!!!