Monday, April 12, 2010

I digress

Well not digress...but it's not stamping related...but does deal with creativity. I do do other crafts from time to time.....I also collect Christmas decorations...and have a huge huge that over the past 2 years...I have been boxing it all up, putting it into catagories...and will be doing themed Christmases from here on out....too much to get out and dust!!!! One of the themes is Nutcrackers...I love nutcrackers ever since our Exchange Student Ulli, from Germany started giving them to me for Christmas, when she was here.....I don't have too many of them as they are kinda when I came across this Toy Soldior to make....I thought he reminded me of a Nut cracker and I thought he would be good in my collection...He came out kinda cute...with his stern littl face!!!

Well, off I go...I still have to prep for tomorrows class, and since I will be gone most of the day tomorrow....I better finish it up today....this morning was a wash...We headed out early to the Lab for Steven to get some Lab work done....he had been fasting since last we wanted to hurry so we could enjoy a breakfast...but got to the Lab , and the line was decided to do that another day...Then Steven had forgotten his insulin....and so we headed back everyplace else I could run an errend...was not open yet....he dropped me off at Wally I could at least get things there...and I left my list in the only managed to remember half of what I needed...He headed back home to eat....came back to get me and we hit the Falcon Banks.....We did get alot done before 10:00....but I so much would have liked to have gotten the in town things done!!!!

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