Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Days!!!! A Tutorial and a Contest!!!

Today, I'm getting my baby Fix....ya need those every once in a while!!!! Puts things into perspective. I have Princess Emma for the day!!!! She has been so good....I was gonna rearrange my schedule and do errands tomorrow....but it was looking like the storm front that is due tomorrow was coming in I decided to take her with me, and we'd run, at least the in town ones.....First we had to figure out the car seat.....Actually got all but two errands run...and I forgot the things I needed for those so will run to Falcon tomorrow and finish up before the storm!!!!

Thought I'd share a very short Tutorial....Do you not just LOVE this Designer Paper!!!! IT is so is the Pawsitively Prints, (118060, $9.95) sold in the Mini's with Build A Bear. All of the prints are tiny so that it can be used with the Die Cut clothing...but I just love this flower print!!!! I wanted to show you how to do the Punch and Poke part of the card...You can use the Paper Piercing Tool and the Paper Piercing Mat.....or you can use the low tec version....
I use the Foam Craft sheets, a few layers....and I found these giant Push Pins...I just keep a few on my bulletin board, so I can always find them......After you punch the flower out, lay your paper on the Foam sheet and take the push pin and pierce your paper around....these are much easier to hang onto!!!!! Lets go ahead and do a contest too!!!! Since I have a whole container of both...we will draw from those of you that comment....for a set...I also have a whole basket of Old 3-D projects I've been saving for ideas...I mean for years...have been doing house cleaning...some are very old...but the ideas are still good, so I will throw a couple of these in too!!! WE are coming up on 6000 Hits to the Blog...can you believe leave comments, and I will draw when we get to 6000!!!! Good Luck!!!

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  1. Hi Cathy- yes paper so cute. And I love your low tech approach. I miss your creativity. And i wish I were doing the same cleaning and organizing as you. You are the best!