Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tips and Babies

I'm getting a double dose of Baby Fixes, as I have Princess Emma again today. Mandy, Aaron's sister, who usually babysits, is still sick......So Princess Emma is telling me how to stamp today!!!!:)

Thought I'd throw in a Tip today!!!! I was trying to come up with a Manly card for Steven....why do we have such trouble with those....wanted that industrial look, and decided to play around with aluminum foil and the Big Shot....I attached a piece of foil to a piece of card stock and ran it thru the Polka Dot embossing folder.....and it came out great!!!!
Those of you who know Steven....know how much he loves our Golden Retriever, Rusty....so I had to use the D is for Dog set.....too cute!!!!

Matt is on his way home for work...and we have a big surprise for him...his car is finally finished and sitting in the driveway....he will be so happy after being without it for soo long!!!!! And we will be too...no more car juggling!!!!:)

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  1. This is a really neat idea for a man's card, Cathy. And the dog looks just like Rusty!