Monday, March 1, 2010

Home Decor

I love making things for the seems I've got a Time Themed thing going on in my front entry-way.....I have a sofa table there, and have a decopaged clock that I made, and hour glass, and so I did this up for a calendar.....The Calendar Kit was in the Holiday Mini....I usually get those and work a class around it...but time just got away from me this I decided to use it for this....came out pretty good!!!

Did a Job Fair this morning....and boy...what a ZOO!!!! First, parking was a nightmare...I was on the bottomost basement level(4) and as far back as I could go....I actually had a panic attach on the way out....thinking about all of the earthquakes...I would not want to be down there is dark and dingy normally.....I was never happier to come around the corner to sunlight!!! The fair...was about as crowded as it could get....and so hot...and naturally, I ment to leave my big heavy parka in the car...and it was really hot!!!! Most of the places, I had already applied to that was a waste!!!! Back to filling out applications!!!

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