Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Catch Up Sunday!!!!

It was another one of theose catch up days!!!! To start...on Friday afternoon, we lent our truck to our son-in-law for the weekend as they were moving some furniture. Well, I get a call at dinner time....and I hate calls that start with...we've had a little problem.....Ouch.....fortunatly it doesn't seem like too big of a problem....The truck broke down, Steven was on his way to Poker Nite up in Monument...So I went on out to the truck(fortunatly it wasn't too far away!!!!) and got all of the faluables out of it...Garmon and tools, as the police called and warned us not to leave the Garmon in it or it would get broken into.....I had an all day stamp event yesterday, but Steven was able to determine what he thought was wrong...and cars are so complex now...he just couldn't get to the part to fix it. So this afternoon, we carefully drove it over to our mechanics....and hopefully it won't be to painful to least we were able to save the towing cost!!!

Got caught up on all sorts of I have a busy week....Class tomorrow nite, with a job interview in the AM, Red Hat event on Tuesday. Dr appointment Wednesday AM, Taxes in the afternoon....and something in the evening. Thursday and Friday I have Stamper's 10, and a workshop on Saturday....and Stamp group on if I get my swaps and project done it will be a miricle!!!!

Then I go to make Dinner.....I had thrown a bread mix in the bread smelled so.....yummy. Was making a Beer Cheese Soup...but when I went to get the cheese was half gone....My free ranging son.....and that is the 2nd time I have replaced the cheese.....I was so mad!!!! I told time...he is walking down to Safeway...and getting me my ingredient....I don't care when it is when I realize it is gone!!!! Fortunatly I had some Velvetta...but I'm sure it would have been soo....much better with the proper cheese!!!!

WEll....with all that is going on...I didn't get much finished up to post....but here is a card I did for Valentines....I know...I'm a little late...

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