Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sneek Peek Time

Not sure if I'll get anything else finished and up here thought I'd put up our Sneek Peeks for our Thursday and Friday Stamper's 10 Clubs!!!
Ok, The ribbon on this one is not all sparkly ... not sure what Blogger is doing here....because on my PC it looks fine.

I also have something special for you don't want to miss!!!
Did the test for the Census Enumerators this morning....did 28 out of 30....and you only had to have a 10 or better to pass....but they give an extra 5 points to veterens, and an extra 15 points ot disabled we shall see. There weren't many at the test, which surprised me. Somewhere in the middle of the test I got out of whack on what # I was on, and what I put for an answer, so had to go back and double check all of my answers to make sure I had the right on on the right #. I hate taking tests!!!

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  1. Been out of the loop for a while, getting caught up on blogs :)

    That last sneak peek looks a bit Asian - kind of like Japanese papers :)