Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Successful Meeting!!!

Last night was the first meeting of our Etsy Entrepreneurs Group....and we had 14 Etsy Crafters show up...it was a very good meeting!!!! Lots of new ideas...now if I can find time to impliment them....that is the task!!! Met some really great people...Thanks Deb, for putting that together!!!

Thought I would show you my long awaited Stamper's 10 Gift. This was intended to be a Christmas Gift to all of my Stamper 10 gals....but I never got them done...so I was finally able to pass them out this past week. If you weren't there...yours will be in your bag. Each envelope had a Thank you card with the recipients initial and name....

And the gift was a Scissor Fob, with their initials on them...so when they take their scissors with them to classes and crops...they will know which ones are theirs!!!

1 comment:

  1. THANK YOU for that last photo. I had NO idea of how to do that - even though you explained it. A picture is worth a thousand words you know :)
    Now, I am going to go put mine on my scissors.