Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monday's March Madness Class

I posted these a while back ...but thought you'd like to see what we did at the March Maddness Class I held on Monday!!!

This is the CD Case we made. They make great gifts for those you need to send those pictures of the kids to!!! Kim was gong ot leave the ribbon off and then do a bunch to store in the Forget-Me-Not Keeper we sell. Great idea!!!

And here is the Gift Card Holder we made....I don't know about you , but I've been doing lots of gift cards lately!!! I love getting gift cards...and especial when they are packaged in a cute holder!!!! We also decided they could hold teabags, Giardeli chocolate, coupons....loads of things!!!

And here is a great card to put that Gift Card Holder into!!!

I plan on doing a Class this fall for just gift cards...I've got soo....many cute ideas!!! I think everyone is getting gift cards for Christmas this year!!!

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