Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hot Tip!!!!

Well...maybe not Hot...but a good one!!!

Here's a cute little Eclipse Gum holder...I'm actually going to give this one to my son for his birthday next month...with a gift card in it as part of his goal is that everyone have a hand made gift this year.....Gift cards to the rescue, cause I can make the holder!!!
I'm not concentrating on the holder so much as the flower....especially if you have a project that has alot of flowers...I HATE cutting things out...and this TIP saves you a little time.....

Start by stamping your image, this works with images that are circular. Next pick a punch that is very close in size to the image....Stampin' Up! has loads of circle punches to pick from...this one actually cuts a teeny tiny bit of the image...which is good!!!!

Now all you have to cut are a few snips between the petals...and are done...I did the green part of the center the same way...a little more cutting...but not much!!!

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