Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day

Since St. Patricks day was a week day...we are celebrating with a family dinner tonite(Saturday)......Kris, Dale and the girls have left on their trip(Spring Break) so they will not be here....but Alli, Aaron & Emma, Nick and Matt will all be here!!!! The Corned Beef is starting to smell so.... good, I can't wait!!!! Made some killer brownies to have with ice cream for dessert.

Then, just had to sneak a picture in of Princess Emma....don't ya just love a sleeping baby!!!!

I ment to post all of this yesterday, but didn't get it all done before I went to bed early...still trying to catch up on the Snow Front that messed me up...not sure how...but I still don't feel up to snuff!!! Thought I would post pictures of the projects everyone brought to work on last Sunday...


  1. What a little chunky monkey! This is the baby that was a preemie?? Such a cutie :)

  2. Yes, she is a chunky monkey...and I just found out I'm gonna have her all day tomorrow!!!! She's such a cutie pie!!!!