Friday, March 30, 2012


My garage is a very scarey place today....Nick came home from school last night, and started the job to replace the timing belt on his there are engine parts ....everywhere.  They finally got to the part that they were really worried about, and it came off fine, but it looks like someone did this job once before, and broke the it has worked properly all this time, is anyone's guess.  They are hoping to get the part that broke, and fix it properly.  So for now, I'm staying out of the garage!!!!

Here's some cards....first one is the last one from the day we stamped at Melinda's

Great sympathy card...very masculine!!!
This next batch is from Tuesday when we stamped at Phyllis'.

We did one similar to this earlier in the month!!!

Left the sentiment off of this one...great masculine card.
Nice and clean and simple.
Great Faux Suede card!!!
Off to take a nap, I have a Game night with the Party Sales group from the Networking group I am thinking of joining.  Hopefully I can have a slot in their June one!!!! 

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  1. So fun seeing cards we made here! Almost as much fun as looking at the ones I brought home. thanks for the best day!