Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekend started off busy.  Steven asked if I could ride with him to an inspection down in Pueblo...offered to take me out to I was a go.  3 fires along the way...I think it is gonna be a long hot summer!!!!

Came home only to battle with my computer to get it to print...have had problems since we changed printers.  Finally got it working.  Then we were off to Church to help out with the Fish Fry.  Yum!!!!  So it was late when I got home....and didn't get a chance to post.

This morning started off with the dreaded trip to the grocery store.....ya gotta eat, can't wait till the garden is in full production!!!!  Then had bills and taxes to get off after lunch...but that is all done.  Both businesses, our personal and the Trust taxes are all filed!!!!  So now I've got some time to play!!!!
  Here's the last two swaps from last them both!!!
 This was my project card....the lace doily is a bugger to do a lot of, so we only did 10 of these.  I'm really into Cherry Cobbler and White right now...can ya tell???
And here's another project that I helped work on...great cards!!!

And now my sound just stopped on my computer....can't get my Pandora Radio to work....thought it was the speakers, but Steven and Nick believe it to be the sound that will get swapped out tomorrow when I don't need the computer!!!!  It's always something!!!!

So now I'm off to play!!!!

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