Wednesday, March 14, 2012

 Had a great day.....Started off having to go grocery shopping, we were out of everything....and if I wanted to make Enchillada's tonight....needed some cream and tortillas.  I hate grocery shopping...but now that I'm not working outside the home....I can go at my it's not quite so bad!!!!

Came home and after doing a little bit of housework/laundry, played in my Studio.  Then the door bell rang and it was Christmas.  I've been stalled on a few projects I am working on....but the order I can get on with those.  And the scrapbook pages I sent off to have printed came....I was amazed...wasn't expecting them until the end of the week.....but there they were.  Here are my 2 favorite pages....such fun little girls!!!  

Used My Digital Studio...and it was so very easy....these were pre-done pages...I tweeked them a bit, but basically dropped the pictures in.....I can see I'm gonna get my scrapbooking caught up!!!!  Contact me if you would like to see this program...and you can have a free download for a month right that is a really good deal. 

The Enchillada's were the best I have ever had.....Steven was in seventh heaven....only problem is tortilla's are so high in carbs.....He would have eaten half the pan if not.  Not good for a diabetic.  Froze the other half for later in the month. 

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