Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sale-a-Bration is winding down!!!!

Don't forget to get your Sale-a-Bration orders in, as it is over on March 31. 

I ment to post yesterday....and the day just got away from me!!!  One of those days...one thing let to  another.  Started with a trip to town to take Chewy to the groomers, then swung by Hobby Lobby to pick up items for upcoming classes.  Then we went up north to pick up a load of alpacha poop for the garden.  Was able to work on projects during the afternoon, then Steven had a Dinner meeting...and I tagged along....love eating at Mimi's!!!!  

Today is kinda the same....the Red Hatters had their monthly meeting...Jack Quinn's downtown....had a yummy Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner.  Now I need to work on some projects. 

Got another fun Simply Sent Kit to play with...can't wait to do something fun...I need to work these into a class....they are gorgeous!!!!  And so simple and quick!!!!


  1. HOly Cow Cathy! I don't read for a while and I come back and I'm behind! Read all the posts and I am caught up now. Sounds like it was a good week :)

    1. Yah,,, I think I'm back in the swing of things!!!!