Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Very Productive Day

Hello was my day off...started with a doctors appointment...then went and bought some new work old ones sort of started falling apart....came home and made some Zuchinni Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting...yummm!!! Will have those with dinner, Cheeseburgers, mashed potatoes, and squash (yes, we still have squash,and ALL the tomatoes are about to turn red!!) Then have spent the rest of the day catching up in my I can stamp for fun tonite!!! Life is good!!!

I will be doing a booth at the PaperCraft Fest in Loveland in have been getting things together for that!!! Don't want to wait till alst minute!!!

Here are some more pictures from the Stamp day at Phyllis'. These were some of the projects we did!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bad Luck/ No Luck??

We have had a rash of car problems this past month...Steven has fixed or had fixed, everyones car at least once...some more then once this past into my car...and it was again deader then a doornail...this, after replacing the battery 2 weeks ago...this time it was the starter....which is being caused by an oil leak that is dripping on shorted out...he fixed the starter, but needs to get the oil leak fixed or it will happen's always something!!! CARS...

I was able to use his truck, and get to work today..and he was able to fix it...and use my car to get to in the end God was watching out for us!!! I worked thru lunch, anticipating leaving early to get him the truck for I was able to leave early, run the few errands I had...and I will have some time to myself later this week...WOOHOO!!!! Thought I would post a few swap cards from Phyllis' a few weekends ago....We did lots of yummy colors!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome Fall!!!

I am lovin' these cooler days and crisp nights....although didn't like the full moon last kept me awake!!!! Kept thinking someone had left the front lights up to check twice....I guess I need to get some heavier curtains for our room...Nick has black-out ones in his room...he's such a mole!!!

Am so ready for a day work...but love the break too!!!! Busy time of year!!! Worked like crazy all week...Steven was booked solid with inspections....and these were full house inspections...I can only pray that it keeps up!!! So we were like ships passing in the night... about the time I'd be crashing in the Lazy-Boy..he's be coming in...

Thought I'd post what we did Tuesday night for our Technique Class....It was a Faux Torn Look...very easy, and a very nice card!!!

If anyone would like to join us we meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month...cost is only a $2.00 material fee...and we learn a new technique each 12 new ideas a year!!! Let me know!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stamper's 10 projects

It has been a busy week...Monday I worked, and then had to run errands after work, and didn't make it home till after 8:30, and was ready for bed by the time the groceries were put up!!! Tuesday I worked, and had my Technique Tuesday class after, then orders to put up, and order....and again, and early night for me....I'm turning into a pumpkin!!!

Started writing this on Wednesday, but obviously didn't get it finished, so Wednesday was my day off...and I ran all day....didn't help that they had my orders all messed up for lab work...and so I ran across town and back 3 times...why they could not do this with a fax I do not know....So didn't get all done I had planned....and then almost forgot that I had Rocky Mountain Inkslingers to go to for 6:30...rushed off to that...and was glad I did...stamping for fun is so much fun!!!

Today I worked...and so now I'm playing catch up in my Studio....thought I would post the projects that we did at this month's Stamper 10...This first one was one of the Make-n-Takes from Convention...
A very sinmple but nice card....I'm lovin' simple right now!!!

The next was in one of my publications from Stampin' Up...Gotta love that!!!

Another simple card...the article was about using the Embossing Folders and Texture Plates in your stamping to get more texture into your projects....Photos don't do justice... this first one is using and embossing folder on the yellow...and texture plate on the orange....

This one, you actually make your own embossing template with a window sheet and the Big Shot....then dry emboss the old fashioned way, and...

I love this one...using the embossing folders and then lightly rubbing with an ink pad, direct to give it an antiqued look. Gotta love the grandangel too!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun Day!!!

Tomorrow is a much needed day of relaxation....I'm getting together with some of my dear Stampin' Frineds...and we will stamp the afternoon away....It is much needed!!!

We always do a swap...and our theme for this one is either Get Well or Thinking of here is my swap...I was trying ot use up some discontinued ribbon and Designer Paper....

Then we all bring a project ...and do what I call power stamp....Everyone brings projects with enought supplies so that we assemply line make the projects...and each go home with 2-3 of each project....So the theme for projects was Fall Birthday....and here is my contribution...

Again some discontinued ribbon to use up!!!
After I leave there...Steven and I are off to Dinner for will tell you about that tomorrow....But needless to was a busy one, putting together all of my swaps and project..and then I had to bake dessert for dinner....Peanutbutter and Chocolate Brownies A'la Mode. Got them all made...and Nick, who was home from school said..."where's mine?" had to make a second batch, and then I also threw together some fruit dip for apples to take for Stamping....Yumm!!!! Then made a Zuchinni/Hamburger casserole for dinner....which I actually made 2, so will freeze one...for later this week, along with lasagne from last we should be good!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Contest Winner....

OOOPPPSSS!!! Almost forgot to post the winner of our last Blog is Phyllis....and I will be seeing her on Sunday, so will bring you your card and ribbon!!! Stay tuned for the next contest!!! Cathy

Way past time for a Tutorial!!!

Haven't done a Tutorial in a while...this is one of the 3-D projects I did as a swap at Convnetion!!!

It's a gum holder!!! This is really a fun, quick projct to make for a quick gift. Start with a piece of cardstock, color of your choice, cut 11" X 3".
Next you will want to score at 4 1/2" and the 4 1/2". 9 wELL A HAIR BEYOND 4 1/2" so it doesn't crunch when you fold it up.

In the first 4 1/2" section, you will want to punch your word window punch to give you your hole to slide your gum into.
On the 3 outside edges, you will want to place a strip of Sticky Strip...whenever you are making something that has a lot of foled pressure, you want to make sure you use sticky's the only thing that will hold!!!

Take off your red strips and fold your sleeve down...You are done the basic to decorate.
The front piece is 4" X 2 1/2" and you can decorate it any way you want.

I stamped a piece and did some layering...and made a piece that I layered and poped out to give it some texture and dimension.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Busy Week!!!

We've been so busy this week at work...One of our boards is going to production..and so I've been up to my eyeballs in audits of parts...I was so glad to see that box go out the door today....Then they have me compiling some records, and reports...again...up to my eyeballs in legal research....I didn't even realize it was 5:00 this afternoon...rushed out so fast, I forgot my cell need to run back by tomorrow....But I'm almost done that task...and I think I got the hang of it eventually!!!! It was so quiet today as half the office is on a business trip, and most of the Engineers were at a class up in Denver, ....I didn't realize how much I missed their bantering....They are a good group of people!!!

Just finished up my project for next weeks Technique Tuesday here is a Sneek Peek. Enjoy...and if you'd like to join us...Tuesday, September 21, at 6:30.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Technique Projects

Hello all...Sorry I didn't get a post on here, had classes Thursday and Friday night...just ran out of time....Was going thru my perpetual pile of things to post...and realized, I never posted last months Technique Tuesday page and potject....

Our Technique for that night was Sponging Direct to Paper...and this is our page for our Technique Book. The leaf is layer sponged...this technique works best on more large,solid stamps!!!

And here is our project....a fun fall card....
There is no commitment to our Technique Tuesday classes...but we do compile a you won't want to miss out on each months ideas....Think about joining us!!!
This month's class meets on Tuesday, September 21 aat 6:30, at my home!!! Cost for this class is a $2.00 supply fee!!! Such a deal!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sneek Peek and a Flash Back!!!

Much cooler day today...had to break out some's my day off this week, so, I'm trying to play catch up!!! Picked up the house early, got caught up on laundry,then ran out to get some bank and post office stuff out of the way!!! Back home for some more cleaning...seems like that is a never ending battle...then... what to do with all of of this made some more zucchini bread and will take a loaf over to the new neighbors across the street!!! Dee...I tried your recipe, as I wasn't happy with the way my old regular zucchini bread recipe came out last time....

Was going thru my pile of things I need to post, and found last month's Stamper's 10 project...which I thought I had posted...and since we meet again tomorrow, thought I should get it on here, along with a Sneek Peek of this months projects!!!
The one on the left is a cute gift pack...holds gift coupons or small candies very well, and the Elephant one is a gift card holder.

Tomorrows' project is just cards....

Don't forget to leave me a comment about the new Mini catalog...if you don't have it, but want one...let me know...or check it out on line at

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time for a Contest

We haven't done a Contest in ages...time to do one....I'm lovin' the new Mini...if you ordered this past Quarter from should have gotten one...want one...let me know....

This card was done with the Love you Much set out of the regular catalog...and with the Square Lattice have gotta see it in person to really appreciate this die!!!! Back to the contest....Leave me a comment on my Blog, and I will draw...and the lucky winner will get one of these cards, and a package of discontinued organdy ribbon!!! Let me kow what you think of the new mini!!! I've been so bad...I think I hve most of it now!!! Iwill draw on 9/14/2010!!! Cathy

Monday, September 6, 2010

Time for Another Happily Appily!!!

Yup....when my daughter called....I was like...but it can't be that time of year yet...but it is...We made our annual trip to the Happy Apple Farm in Penrose to pick apples for the winter, fully expecting a bumper crop, since our garden is so prolific...and we weren't disappointed. Razeberries were just coming didn't get too many of those, and Blackberries will be ready in a week or 2...they are gonna be great...but the apples...oh my gosh...I have never seen trees so full of apples....
Princess Sarah
Princess Abbey
Got done there...didn't get as many as last year....had a hard time using them all we headed home to start dinner...had a yummy chicken barbeque, with potatoe salad, a squash medly, tossed salad...and apple Crisp with ice cream and watermelon!!!! Alli, Arron and Emma joined us. Poor Princess Emma....she fell and broke her ankle...there is nothing more pathentic than a baby with a cast on it's leg trying to crawl....but it doesn't see to stop her!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Zuchinni Baking Day.....

Let's try this again...for some reason it didn't retain all I wrote!!!

Today was my day I started out early with errands....came home at lunch time and started in with my Zuchinni Baking.....Made 3 loaves of Chocolate Zuchinni Bread...thanks so much for the recipe Kathy...Steven loved it!!! Will take one to work, freeze one...and the other is half gone already!!! Also put together 2 Green Summer Squash casseroles, one I will freeze and the other is for dinner tomorrow....Also gave tons of Zuchinni away on my excursions today...have a boat load to take to work...and Steven says he is putting out a stand the Garden is chock full again!!!! After all that, went to my Friend Deb's house, who is a Miche Bag Rep....if you have not seen these bags, please go to her website. They are my 3rd cover and handles to convert my handbag to a shoulder bag!!!!

Was going thru my pile of cards to post and found this one, which I should have put with my projects from October's Rocky Mountain Inkslingers.
Beautiful card!!!

And here are the last of the Convention Swaps....
The small blue card is gorgeous....and the Popsicle Card is similar to what my Downline Karen did in her Class up at Jeffco County Fairgrounds this past spring.
This last one is just beautiful...the vases are ovals punched and then each end is cut off, curved a bit, and then white was sponged on one end to highlight it ....very classy!!!