Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sneek Peek and a Flash Back!!!

Much cooler day today...had to break out some's my day off this week, so, I'm trying to play catch up!!! Picked up the house early, got caught up on laundry,then ran out to get some bank and post office stuff out of the way!!! Back home for some more cleaning...seems like that is a never ending battle...then... what to do with all of of this made some more zucchini bread and will take a loaf over to the new neighbors across the street!!! Dee...I tried your recipe, as I wasn't happy with the way my old regular zucchini bread recipe came out last time....

Was going thru my pile of things I need to post, and found last month's Stamper's 10 project...which I thought I had posted...and since we meet again tomorrow, thought I should get it on here, along with a Sneek Peek of this months projects!!!
The one on the left is a cute gift pack...holds gift coupons or small candies very well, and the Elephant one is a gift card holder.

Tomorrows' project is just cards....

Don't forget to leave me a comment about the new Mini catalog...if you don't have it, but want one...let me know...or check it out on line at


  1. Mmmm, I see embossing...

  2. That last comment looks like I'm saying "yum"! I meant it to come out more like, "hummm"