Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stamper's 10 projects

It has been a busy week...Monday I worked, and then had to run errands after work, and didn't make it home till after 8:30, and was ready for bed by the time the groceries were put up!!! Tuesday I worked, and had my Technique Tuesday class after, then orders to put up, and order....and again, and early night for me....I'm turning into a pumpkin!!!

Started writing this on Wednesday, but obviously didn't get it finished, so Wednesday was my day off...and I ran all day....didn't help that they had my orders all messed up for lab work...and so I ran across town and back 3 times...why they could not do this with a fax I do not know....So didn't get all done I had planned....and then almost forgot that I had Rocky Mountain Inkslingers to go to for 6:30...rushed off to that...and was glad I did...stamping for fun is so much fun!!!

Today I worked...and so now I'm playing catch up in my Studio....thought I would post the projects that we did at this month's Stamper 10...This first one was one of the Make-n-Takes from Convention...
A very sinmple but nice card....I'm lovin' simple right now!!!

The next was in one of my publications from Stampin' Up...Gotta love that!!!

Another simple card...the article was about using the Embossing Folders and Texture Plates in your stamping to get more texture into your projects....Photos don't do justice... this first one is using and embossing folder on the yellow...and texture plate on the orange....

This one, you actually make your own embossing template with a window sheet and the Big Shot....then dry emboss the old fashioned way, and...

I love this one...using the embossing folders and then lightly rubbing with an ink pad, direct to give it an antiqued look. Gotta love the grandangel too!!!

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