Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun Day!!!

Tomorrow is a much needed day of relaxation....I'm getting together with some of my dear Stampin' Frineds...and we will stamp the afternoon away....It is much needed!!!

We always do a swap...and our theme for this one is either Get Well or Thinking of here is my swap...I was trying ot use up some discontinued ribbon and Designer Paper....

Then we all bring a project ...and do what I call power stamp....Everyone brings projects with enought supplies so that we assemply line make the projects...and each go home with 2-3 of each project....So the theme for projects was Fall Birthday....and here is my contribution...

Again some discontinued ribbon to use up!!!
After I leave there...Steven and I are off to Dinner for will tell you about that tomorrow....But needless to was a busy one, putting together all of my swaps and project..and then I had to bake dessert for dinner....Peanutbutter and Chocolate Brownies A'la Mode. Got them all made...and Nick, who was home from school said..."where's mine?" had to make a second batch, and then I also threw together some fruit dip for apples to take for Stamping....Yumm!!!! Then made a Zuchinni/Hamburger casserole for dinner....which I actually made 2, so will freeze one...for later this week, along with lasagne from last we should be good!!!!

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