Monday, September 6, 2010

Time for Another Happily Appily!!!

Yup....when my daughter called....I was like...but it can't be that time of year yet...but it is...We made our annual trip to the Happy Apple Farm in Penrose to pick apples for the winter, fully expecting a bumper crop, since our garden is so prolific...and we weren't disappointed. Razeberries were just coming didn't get too many of those, and Blackberries will be ready in a week or 2...they are gonna be great...but the apples...oh my gosh...I have never seen trees so full of apples....
Princess Sarah
Princess Abbey
Got done there...didn't get as many as last year....had a hard time using them all we headed home to start dinner...had a yummy chicken barbeque, with potatoe salad, a squash medly, tossed salad...and apple Crisp with ice cream and watermelon!!!! Alli, Arron and Emma joined us. Poor Princess Emma....she fell and broke her ankle...there is nothing more pathentic than a baby with a cast on it's leg trying to crawl....but it doesn't see to stop her!!!!

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  1. I love Happy Apple! Always get our pumpkins there.

    Sorry to hear about Emma. Never known a young one to let a cast stop them. My niece broke her leg when she was two. The doc told my sister to keep her off her feet. HA! Try keeping a two year old from moving around - they soon had to put a walking cast on her.