Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Pooped to Participate!!!!

Today was a busy day at work!!! We had Dignitaries....along with all else that you have to get done....so very busy...then had to run to the banks after work...or bills aren't gonna get paid:)!!!

So...I will post easy here...and then I am off to sew a little on my Rag Quilt Purse!!!!

These are a few more Birthday cards that were in my mailbox!!! From Stephanie and Sandy...love them you guys!!!!

And a few more Convention Swaps!!!! Love those swaps....I have a ton of older ones that we will be prettying up at Cards for the Troops...don't forget to get me your cards and to stop by and help out!!! We will be meeting Saturday, August 29, at 1-3. If you have cards, please bring them....I will have paper to pretty them up!!! Or if you have supplies you would like to donate...we will take those also....this will be a quarterly event, so whatever we don't use this time, I will pull out for next quarter....

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