Friday, October 23, 2009

I love the chatter!!!!

I've been loving reading all of your comments!!!! AND it's time to do another give-away!!!! So lets shake it up and make this one a little different then past ones. SOO....To thank you for peeking in on my blog today and everyday, and as a BIG Thank You, I will draw 2 names out of everyone that makes a comment from now until....OH...let's say...Halloween, October 31. There is a requirement...Your comment should have your name, a good friends name, and your favorite is what will happen. I will pick 2 comment winners, and each will recieve one of the stamps in the following photo. PLUS I will mail your friend a handstamped card. This is where your favorite color comes in, the card I make for your freind will be in your favorite you want to see the stamps that will be given away???? Here they are....and yes, the water bottle is included with each of the stamps.....the winners will find out what the water bottle is all about when they get their prize. When the winners are announced....I will need you to e-mail me your address, and your friends address.

I haven't been posting on here as much as I would like. A few weeks ago...Steven dropped his camera...and he has been using mine until he could get the new one....and every time I would need to take pictures so I could post....there was no camera, Mr Fedex dropped off a package...and his new camera came!!!! It's basically the same camera as mine...just a newer since he is prone to dropping cameras....he decided to take the older one, and give me the new one...which does better videos....WooHoo...and it is Rich Razzelbery in color!!!!

Was a busy day today. I am planning this big downline went and looked at a possible room to use for the event...went to the post office....and then I actually had time to work on projects that have been piling up. Here's a cute Halloween decoration...Actually I cased it out of the current catalog!!!!

And here is a Christmas present...I used non-SU papers as I was trying to use up some old stuff I had....but it came out kinda nice!!!


  1. Okay, my name is Kim and a good friend of mine is Tammy. My favorite color is blue but Tammy's is purple. So I'm temporarily changing mine to purple on the chance that my name is drawn :)

    I also forgot to RSVP last night for Sunday, so I am RSVPing now for Sunday. I will see you after the craft show in Monument. ta ta!

  2. YOu had mentioned I had you on the list!!!! Have fun at the craft fair. I was supposed to do that oune...but they had a mess up, and signed up 2 Stampin' Up! demos....and I lost out.

  3. Cathy, That is a cute Halloween decoration. I'm taking some stuff up to my brother's house and plan to make some of the Treat Spiders candy holders, while I'm house-sitting this week. Phyllis (Good friend's name is Theresa and my favorite color is blue)

  4. BRRRRRRR! My name is Abby and my friend is Peggy. My color is purple and her color is blue. Are you folks out on the plains staying warm? I am ready for spring!

  5. Cathy,
    My name is Dee and my friend's name is Peggy. OUR favorite color is purple. You have a nice new camera now? How good is that? You can take all kinds of pictures of the SNOW. Sure glad I am still in CA and see the ocean. Well, sort of, if we get close enough to it. :0) I will be home on Sunday. I am happy to be coming home. Snow or not. I miss my HUBBY and my puppies. Our youngest granddaughter will have KNEEE surgery on Wednesday and our oldest granddaughter will turn 17 on Friday. They are all so busy that you almost don't see them. My Mom seems to be doing some better and I am glad for that. Maybe those B-12 shots will help in the long run. They are quite busy too. So all in all, my trip has been good and I will just be glad to be home. See you all soon.
    Love, Dee

  6. Glad you will be home soon....and glad your Mon is doing better!!!! I don't know where time goes....Sarah is 15....I can't be the grandmother of a 15 year old!!!! Hey...we will have to find a day when Melinda and Phyllis, and maybe Jennel can come by...maybe do lunch out in Falcon, and then some stampin'!!!!