Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Fall Fun!!!

Sorry, I've been missing again. Having the flu, and being out of commision that few days....put me behind schedule, and I had to Kick butt to get my kits done for yesterdays Crop!!!! But I made it!!!! Friday nite I had my Technique Friday....and had a great time....was very glad I had decided not to drive up to Loveland Friday nite, as it made for a much more relaxed class!!!! Came home and packed up the car and went to bed....knowing 4:00AM would be coming way too soon!!!! Left the house by 5:00....and do ya think I could find anyplace open that had a Mocha Frapachino.....I guess the McD's in Denver do not carry these...and I just couldn't get into hot mocha, as I still have lots of congestion from the flu...and hot makes me cough!!!! Made it up there in 3 hours....had to wait for someone to let me in.....The crop went great....was a small crew....but they think they can grow it!!!! I did down about 3 coffees before I left./...something I never drink after 1 in the afternoon...but I knew I would be dog tired driving thru Denver....thank God the traffic was light!!!!

So today, I'm back home and catching up.
Thought you would enjoy the swap, I had planned for Sunday afternoon....but since I couldn't go...they are now all over my house!!! Such a cute treat holder!!!!

I tried uploading the project we were going to do...but Blogger is nto letting me...I'm gonna use it for my swap for my Inkslingers I will try and get it up when I post for that nite!!!!

Don't forget to leave me a comment, as my drawing for a kit is tomorrow....the kits went over wonderfully I guess this is now officially my newest venture.....Oh...and I made a comment to my Sister In Law today while on the Phone. Saying I was about to give up job hunting, and just do Stampin' Up! , and Dear Steven....didn't object!!!! What do ya think!!!!


  1. Hey Cathy..great Halloween ideas..I will definitely need to try these

  2. I say, "Go for it!" Full-time Stampin Up sounds like a fun/good job to me :)
    I want one of those bugs ;)

  3. Cathy, These treat holders are so cute. I'm disappointed that I didn't get one, but I think that I'll try to make my own. Hopefully I can get them done before Halloween!

  4. Phyllis...if you stop by for your order....I may have oen I can "find" for you!!!!