Thursday, October 8, 2009

Missing in Action

Ladies...I apologize for no posts the past few days....I came down with the Flu. It more than likely was the H1N1, as I had a flu shot for the regular flu. My son came home from college the past 2 weekends, sicker than a dog...I made him stay here Monday and Tuesday, till I was sure he was gonna live....I started with it Sunday.....It is not fun...but the good thing, my fever has broken...and I'm not contageous anymore....and as soon as the fever start feeling SOOO.....much better!!!!! that is over and done with!!!!! I don't usually get sick to the point of not getting out of bed...but this just wiped me out!!!!

These are the projects we did for World Card Making Day...adn I will also be offering a class in it at the Santa Cops Crop I am doing up in Loveland in 2 weekends.

Tonite is my 2nd Thursday Stamper's 10 Hostess Club. I am putting together a kit with one of the stay tuned for was really cute!!!! Maybe we should even do a contest!!!!

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