Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sneak Peak and Studio Update!

Ooppss, hit return....and this thing published...before I wrote anything!!!!  Here's a sneak peak of the projects we are doing tomorrow night at our Stamper's 10.
I'm lovin' these projects!!!! 

Spent the whole day working on Cubbies...but they ones on the North side of my Studio are  ...  DONE!!!! I am so happy.  See me doing the Snoopy dance.
They look pretty empty....lots going out to the garage sale, rest is boxed up, I will be moving the cubbies at the foot of the stairs over to the left of these, and will be reorganizing.  Lookin' onto the shelving unit next to this...which is really a mess!!!! 
Here's one more of the whole wall...when I get to the corner, I will be half done the room!!!! 

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