Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's almost Friday!!!

The carpet got put in in the upstairs guest bedroom yesterday...what a difference it makes!!!  so nice, now to get the furniture all moved back in, and we will have to get a new mattress. 
It's a little dark in the picture, but these colors are really calming!!!  Went to Lowe's today and got the new door, so Steven will have to finish that off, then the to Denver Mattress this weekend, so that Nick can help Steven move it in.

Finished up the base cabinets in my Studio last night.....Now I have 2 file bankers boxes of stuff to shred and one more black trash bag out to the trash man tomorrow.  Our new Trash service is gonna love us!!!!  Next I  need to tackle my old desk.  I moved my desk into the office next door, and the actual desk and window area  has become a catch-all.  Eventually I want to move it to under the other window, which will give me more room to get into the cubbies.

More cards!!!  First one is one I did for a project, and never ended up doing it, so thought I would post it here...maybe someone will do a swap this spring that I can use it for. 

Love the Black and Ivory theme going on here.  Getting into the Chabby Chicke look. 
This was the last of the projects we did at the stamp day at my house this past month.  Good manly card!!!
And lastly, was cleaning out my letter drawer, and thought I'd show off some of my mail.  This was a Christmas card from Phyllis.  I love the stocking punch!!! 

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