Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday, Snowy Monday

Yes...we woke to snow...and snow showers on and off all day...very least the roads are it didn't stick....just looked weird!!!!

Been a cleaning maniac.....I think the Studio is about 1/4 done.  Finished up the desk window area, and my work table....AND shampooed half the carpet!!!!  I am on a roll!!!!
Lookin' GOOD!!!!  And my shelves and counter are staying clean!!!  Will tackle my punch and cutting area tomorrow, after I get back from museum and lunch with friends.

Now for some more cards, from my mailbox.  Here are my 2 sweet grandbabies.....these are the Easter cards they made for me!!!!

Our 2 M&M's. Emma and sweet!!! 

And this was an Easter card from Jenell.  She actually took the picture at Sainte Chapelle, Paris, France!!!! 


  1. Wow...your craft room looks so different. Will I recognize it? :)

  2. Probably not!!!! I'm not even halfway done...there was so much junk!!!!