Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mid Week!!!!

I'm still on my cleaning, I came across a box of ribbon odds and ends....and thought, I haven't had a contest in, give me a comment on the end of this post, and some lucky lady, or gentleman, will get the contents of this jar of ribbon....I really stuffed it, so there are lots of long and short odds and ends!!! 
Will have another drawing shortly, as I have tons of ribbon, and other great gifts!!!

I've had a few of you ask me how I made this quick little treat holder, and for the here is a real quick tutorial.
First you need to start with an 8 X 8" piece of card stock or patterned paper.  It is also easier to do if you have the Score Pal with the diagonal score plate.
Score thru the middle on the diagonal, and then score at 1 1/8", flip it around and score the other side at 1 1/8".  Now go to the other 2 corners, and score at 2 3/4", flip it and at 2 3/4".  This is what it should look like.  Fold your 2 triangles that you created last into the center.  Flip the thing over,  and then fold on the middle so that you have a mountain fold.  Fold up on the 2 narrow folds, punch a hole at the top, and tie with some ribbon...uses no adhesive, except for your embellishments. This is great for candy , coupons or gift cards!!! 


  1. Hi Cathy..cute ribbon..that treat holder is adorable...

  2. Hi Cathy,

    The ribbon jar is intriguing! But what I really noticed was the stamp at the top of the page I guess I sold mine. It is a wonderful stamp!!!

    Thanks for the flashback! :)

    Carol W. in MN

  3. Love the ribbon and I forgot to look at the paper Friday night :(