Thursday, May 24, 2012

Moving Day.....

Whew!!!  Spent the better part of this afternoon, moving furniture around.  Got my workout today...but it's starting to look good!!!!  You never know for sure till it's all in place!!!!  Got the Armoire all cleaned out and moved, to it's not permanent location, but it needs to be moved so the rest can go where it needs to go.  Got shelving unit emptied, and moved to where the Armoire used to be.  Tomorrow will start work on the cubbies...they are the biggest mess, but they will go where the shelving unit used to be, to continue the wall of cubbies.  When I get them in place, will take pictures.  It sure is fun finding things you didn't know you had!!!!  Like Christmas!!!! 

Actually got some classes worked on, and finished up my Earrings to my Black and White set.
Just put them on my Etsy shop....if they don't sell, will have another Christmas present!!!

OK...real quick here, let's do some cards!!!  First one is the project card I brought to do at the Stamp get together last weekend. 

Was trying to use up some discontinued papers, but it came out really cute!!!!
This is a cute little favor, one of the Red Hat Ladies made for our places at Lunch this past month....There was chocolate in with the tea...but that didn't make it home!!! 
And lastly, from my mail bag...a thank you from Kim...very nice!!! 


  1. Wow- gorgeous cards! And your area is looking great! I hope to organize this summer! Oh- did I say that last summer?

  2. I said it last summer too...NOTHING got done!!!! So it is really a mess!!!!

    1. Love this birthday card- already used mine from the swap! great design.