Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Appelly kind of day!!!!

Woke up to thick, thick fog....but actually it turned out to be a perfect apple picken day. After Church we headed out to meet our daughter and family, and then down to Penrose to the Happy Apple Farm. What a treat!!!! This came out a little dark...for it being such a grey day....These are the girls!!!!

I'm so behind in my postings...I do apologize!!!! Here are pictures of the projects we did in this months Stamper 10. They were very simple cards...but oh so elegant!!!!

Here are a few more convention swaps!!!!


  1. I love both of those cards.

    Also love Happy Apple Farms - Great place!

  2. These cards are awesome...My kind of style!

  3. Glad you all liked them....Deb...I've ordered My Digital Scrapbooking...and I took the webinar on it today....and am even more excited over it!!!! We will have to get together after I play with it a bit!!!