Friday, August 14, 2009

Yummy...Birthday Cakes!!!!

Sorry I haven't been posting much....Right after Convention it is always so much to do and process...classes all this week to make sure I had everything done for....and my Birthday thrown in there!!!! Fun time, but way too busy...someday I will ONLY be working my SU business and Life will be soo....good. Stamper's 10 met last nite and tonite...I will get pictures of the projects on later....we had a blast..and celebrated my birthday are the 2 cakes!!!!

I will be on a sugar high the rest of the evening!!!!
Lots of fun goodies...thank you so much ladies!!!
And Fun cards!!!!
What more could a gal ask for....Oh...and my hubby got me this....
It is a cute, tiny...notebook lap will be so great to use to show My Digital Studio at workshops...can't wait!!!!Off to bed early...gotta get up early to drive up to the Stamp Convention in Loveland with Kim....I'm stampin' my brains out this weekend!!! Her Hyubby just got a new Prias ....and we are taking it to Denver!!!! Goin' in Style!!!!

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