Thursday, August 6, 2009

Much better day today, although it was a struggle....called Delta every one could seem to go and actually look for our after classes today, Paula and I headed over to the airport to find our luggage....and there it was, in the land of lost luggage, a huge room full of misplaced suitcases....if I hadn't been so tired, and felt so yucky, I probably would have really yelled at someone....but I just wanted clean underware!!!!

Here is the main hall just before opening sessions...lots of energy!!!!

Isn't she just too cute...this is my new mascot, Bernadette Bear....part of the new Build a Bear line.....She will be helping me out at workshops!!!! Way too cute, can't wait till my stamps and dies get here!!!

They unveiled the Digital Scrapbooking....and oh, my gosh....I can't wait till I can get my hands on an actual copy....they are working the final bugs out of it....but it is so cool!!! I Love it!!!! Cards, pages, books, much to do with it, and SOOO flexible!!!


  1. Cathy,

    Glad today was a better day! When you get home you can write a letter to Delta and let them have it! I believe that the airline is required to deliver your bags within a certain amount of time or... what a joke. NOT! Have more fun on Friday!

    Carol in Minneapolis

  2. HOORAY!! Clean underwear is always a plus in my book :) Looks like the convention is going to be a lot of fun, look forward to hearing about it next week.