Sunday, August 16, 2009

I saw these wonderful bags at Momento Mall at Convention, and just had to get them for my Direct Downline....just finished boxing them all up to go out in tomorrows' mail...shhhh....don't tell my girls!!!!
They had 2 styles....this is what they looked like...
For myself, I picked up some business supplies...a great Designer Paper Sampler.
A punch template, with ALL of our punches!!!!
And a ribbon Sampler...this is my favorite...but you know how I love ribbon!!!

Yesterday was a great day. My friend Kim and I went up to the Stamp Convention up in Loveland....Kim drove her husband's spankin' brand-new Prias, so we went in style!!! It was a great convention this year....I think they were at capasity...there will be another one next weekend here in the Springs....but I'm going out of town with Steven for our will have to miss that one.
I pretty much stuck to the Sizzix booth (gee, I wonder why!!!)...and spent way too much, but I had my left over Great Rewards gift card from Stampin' Up! so I couldn't let it go to waste....I only ended spending about $30 in cash...not too bad!!!! Then about half way thru the show....Kim comes running up to me ...."You won one of the door prizes!!!!"
Oh, My, Gosh....I never win anything!!! It was a grab bag of all sorts of product...who doesn't love product!!!!

I will try and get some swaps from Convention on here tomorrow!!!!

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