Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What a Day!!!

No pics's been quite a day....started, getting up at 3:00, to get up, get Paula, and then get to the airport....hurry up and wait. We got to our gate at around 5:00, and it seemed awful at 5:30 we went to the desk...oh, that flight was cancelled....gee, when were you planning on telling us.....we stood for the next hour while the gate agent tried to get us to another flight....fortunatly, one of the other demos, had gotten on the phone to Delta, and found us all flights... and got us all set up.....something the gate guy couldn't seem to we run over to American, bound for Salt Lake, via Dallas....we were assured out luggage would follow...I guess they can't laugh at you and way will your lugagge get there in one piece!!!.....Finally got to SLC, 6 hours later(we did have a nice lunch in the Admirals Club, thank you Nanette!!!)....only to find our luggage would be on a later flight and they would deliver it to our hotel later in the afternoon. SO we went over to the Convention center and did all of our check in and purchases.....and out to a nice dinner....started walking back to the hotel...and the wind picked up...micro burst time.....yuck!!!! Got to the's still sitting in Co. Spgs....would be on the first flight no clean clothes, or we are not happy campers...and not in the best of moods....But, we did get here....and tomorrow has got to be better!!!! I would love to go sit in the hotel hot tub...but I don't think they allow skinny dipping.....drop me a comment to lift my spirits...and your name will go in the blog comment drawing on Sunday!!!!!


  1. Oh Cathy!! What a day and still you got my treasure from MM. Thank you so much. I certainly hope that you get your luggage soon! I would have been livid. Luckily you can sleep nekkid if you have to and the hotel should have some toiletries for you gals in need. Good luck and have a WONDERFUL Thursday!!! I know you will.

  2. Sheesh! Did you mention that you could have driven to Salt Lake City in that amount of time and have your luggage with you?! I think they should deliver your stuff with a nice box of chocolates :)

  3. Eeek! What would a memorable convention be without memories??? Hope luggage gets there soon and that you will get lots of new SU! ideas!