Friday, September 4, 2009

It's a Holiday Weekend!!!

I really shouldn't complain. Yesterday I got off of work early....They were sealing the floors next door, and we all were getting very affected by the at noon I left....I was starting to lose my concentration...and then I had a major hot flash(which I haven't had in 3-4 years....) It felt like someone had lite the floor under me!!!! Spent the after noon running errands....Today work seemed to drag on and on!!!! But it's the weekend!!!! Yippee!!!!
As promised ages are the pictures of our trip to Glenwood Springs. Here's me and my honey!!!!
And a picture of the caves...very "cool"!!!

I'm behind again..and I apologise....hope to get caught up this weekend!!! Next week are my Stamper's 10 Clubs....I still have a few I'd love to have you join us!!! Lots of fun ideas I want to hare. I will be offering lots more classes this fall and winter....just too much cute stuff out there.

The following week is my Technique Tuesday and Friday classes.
These were last months project....we are compiling a Technique Book and then we do a card using that technique. Lots of fun!!!!


  1. I'd like to learn the technique to make the card in the bottom photo. Beautiful!

  2. I'm hoping to get demos up here soon... Maybe something will happen with the job situation soon...that would enable me to have the time to do that!!!!

  3. I agree. This is a beautiful card!