Monday, September 28, 2009

Downline Friends

Last night Paula and I had our joint downline meeting here at my house.....For the project we did the Black Magic card.....Which I did for this months Stamper 10 Club.

Paula gave us a challenge for our swap....To take a Christmas set and use it in a non-Christmas way....I really had a hard time with this one....but this was what I finally came up with...It uses the ornaments from the tree Trimmings set.

These are Paula's and Karen's....And Joanne couldn't do the challenge but did this beautifal Fall card. Loved them all!!!!


  1. I have to say that was a very ingenious use of the tree trimmings set - beautiful!

  2. One of the projects we are doing for World
    Card Making a Christmas set used for a Birthday card....It was a hard challenge...but a good one!!!!