Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lazy Day....

You just have to have one of those once in a while....We went to Church first thing this morning...then home, where I puttered around again, then I actually took a nap...haven't done that in was so nice. Thought I would share some more with all of you.

Our theme for projects yesterday was Christmas and Winter...and this was my contribution. I love doing Big Shot snowflakes!!! Then out of my pile of past goodies....

The Soft Suede card was one of our Technique classes, I think it was October's.....we used the Smooch spray, and the specialty designer paper that does a resist pattern....
The Little Owl card is using the new Owl Punch...he was one of the projects for my October Stamper's 10. I just love him!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

No Black Friday for me!!!

No...the temptation to sleep late was too big for me....besides...I didn't see anything I couldn't do without!!! So I slept in...Blissfully!!!!

Today is just another puttering around day, working in my office, and working on the boys rooms....that is, if Matt ever gets up....most of what I need to do is in there.

Thought I would post a few things from my pile of projects.

These were some of the Pojects we did at the October RMI meeting....
Theresa presented these. Nice box of cards!!!!

And I think this was the card I did for the swap that night.....Or it may have been for Stamping Friends swap...either way was a swap card!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day

WE had a fabulous Dinner at my Daughter Kris' home....Good Friends, Family, Food and Fun...could you ask for more.....Came home and decided to just putter in my office...and worked some more on Christmas presents for Co-workers...

This was so easy, and they really came out cute. I also finished up my project for Saturdays get together, and my Swap for the day at Kim's...but can't show them to you yet. I promise I will get pics of them before I give them all away!!!

Next I need to get some past mail from my mailbox posted...

Both are birthday cards, I lost in my pile...the first is from Mary Kay...I love her colors, and the second is from Paula Cooper. Belated Thanks guys!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I love my job....have no problem getting up in the morning and going in....but it sure is nice to have 5 days off!!! Today I've been puttering...something I haven't had the luxury of doing in a while. Started by running into Falcon and doing a couple of errands, then back home for a soup lunch (it's a soup kinda day!!!) I had it set in my mind to work on the Boys rooms...but can only take so much of that at a I work for a while, then come down to my office and do some little task, then back up to tackle the mess upstairs. Why is it when you are swapping out always looks way worse before it gets better!!! Anyway...have one bookcase moved and done...and the other is half empty. Cleaned out the heat ducts...they were so full of dust and dead flies...Yuck!!!

Thought I would share a bit more from my pile of past projects....

These are from Rocky Mountain Inkslingers, probably the October meeting....the little Treat Holder was done by Theresa, and the Paris card was a belated b-day card from Linda.

These are from my Halloween Mailbox...the Cat was from Abbey, and the Spider was done by Isabelle. Too much fun!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fall into Winter

Hello all....I finally feel as if I'm catching up!!! Will surely do so this next week!!! Such a good feeling!!!

Friday was a fun day at work as I set up Christmas trees and decorations....will finish up on Monday and Tuesday along with getting Children Christmas party and Company Dinner gifts all wrapped. At home I'm about done all the gifts that need to be mailed, on to the kids here at home!!!

Thought I would share some more out of my pile of cards here....

These were from last months RMI meeting....I think our swap was all of mine were of that theme....the cupcake one was done by is a slide out pop-up card...too cute, and the Pear card was by Theresa....thanks guys.

These 2 I believe were from last months Stampin' Friends...the projects that we worked on!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Relaxing Wednesday....

Today was my day off, for this week...and while a just love my job....I also love to indulge on days off!!! Slept in late this morning, took my time getting dressed and the house picked up, then went to do a few quick errands, and now, I'm back in my office, splitting between working and playing!!! Thought I'd get a few more things posted before my pile gets too high!!!

This first one was in my mail box...a Birthday card from Nancy....Love the flowers!!!

These 2 were from a swap I did with my Stampin' Friends group....I think at Isabelle's house...we did Thank You's...and not sure who did them...but wonderful fall colors!!! Well, I'm off to work on some future classes, adn to close out a workshop and get some orders in!!! RMI meets tonite, so need to get my "stuff" together for that!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Busy Weekend!~!!!

It was a busy weekend with a Craft Fair, but I got it all done!!! WooHoo!!! Classes for next week are all put together, and I may even get the invitations for work done!!!

Tuesday night is my Technique Tuesday Class, and we will be doing Faux Cracked is the card we will be doing!!!

I'm loving this set...Out West!!! And my ever favorite..."Circle Circus"

Let's take a look in my box of goodies>>>

The top card is from my MailBox...a wonderful Thank You from Jenell...
And the red card with the butterfly was from a swap with RMI, Elaine did this one!!! I think we were using Die Cuts!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm Back!!!!

Boy, it seems like since forever since I posted...I do has been crazy. First there was the show, then I worked a 40 hour week this past week, haven't done that in a I need to learn how to re adjust my time!!!

Today was my day off...and it started out cold and blustery and raw.....but I spent the day with some great people, we went to a Scottish Tea at Montague's, downtown....yummy!!! Then off to Van Briggle pottery for some shopping and a tour. Fun!!!

So now I'm, back home and catching up!!!

I have a stack of cards on my desk waiting to be posted on here....and so I will just start posting...they are in no particular order, no rhyme or reason...and hopefully I can remember what they were from!!!

This first one was one of the projects we did at a workshop last uses the Poppin' Pastels technique. While my group loved the technique, they weren't too crazy about using the darker colors...and I must say I agree with them, so if you try this technique out...use light pastels.

This was a swap that one of my stamp clubs did last was for Thank you cards....and this was my contribution...will post the other swaps later...they are still packed away in my bag....

Speaking of should see my office....I'm still sorting thru the show...and so there are bags and boxes more shows after the one I have this weekend....if you want to go to a good craft fair...there is one at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Security....stop by an say "hi"!!

Well, the snow that has been trying to fall all day, has started...we shall see what this brings...I may be home tomorrow, and if I am, will definatly post!!!