Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I love my job....have no problem getting up in the morning and going in....but it sure is nice to have 5 days off!!! Today I've been puttering...something I haven't had the luxury of doing in a while. Started by running into Falcon and doing a couple of errands, then back home for a soup lunch (it's a soup kinda day!!!) I had it set in my mind to work on the Boys rooms...but can only take so much of that at a I work for a while, then come down to my office and do some little task, then back up to tackle the mess upstairs. Why is it when you are swapping out always looks way worse before it gets better!!! Anyway...have one bookcase moved and done...and the other is half empty. Cleaned out the heat ducts...they were so full of dust and dead flies...Yuck!!!

Thought I would share a bit more from my pile of past projects....

These are from Rocky Mountain Inkslingers, probably the October meeting....the little Treat Holder was done by Theresa, and the Paris card was a belated b-day card from Linda.

These are from my Halloween Mailbox...the Cat was from Abbey, and the Spider was done by Isabelle. Too much fun!!!

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