Friday, June 29, 2012

Life Does Need to Go On!!!!

OK....we are News broadcasted to the limit....back to regular programing.....but with an eye always to the TV and radio!!!!  Keep our fair city in your prayers...we are not out of the woods yet on all of this, but at least for now, breathing a sigh of relief!!!!  The fear that grips all of us is, this is only the beginning of the summer.....and it is so, very HOT!!!!! 

I promised a while back to post pictures of my New and Improved Studio....and here goes!!!
From each corner of the room:

Facing north west, from the office door.  Sorry, still have a few boxes of discontinued items on the cutting station I need to figure out what to do with. 

Facing south west toward the stairs and bathroom. There's space to add a 3rd table, and easily get around it!!!

Facing south east toward the office door.  On the far right...we now have a beverage/food station!!! 

Over the stairs, facing North east, from the bathroom door. 

And a sneek peek into the office I share with my Hubby. 
There's a small walk-in closet and 2 sets of bookcases off to the left.  This used to be a bedroom. 

It's good to have that project done....I will try and do a section each month, so it stays done!!!  I love the extra space, and I now know where everything is now!!!!  That is inspiring to me!!!!  My Studio used to be the Family Room...but I like it much better as  Studio...some day the carpet will come up and we will put either tile or stained concrete.  I'd also love to pull out the drop ceiling and paint the underside of the upstairs floor a dark gunmetal grey.  Steven doesn't like that idea. 

OK...time for some pictures....This first one is the Hostess gift that I gave to my June Hostesses, for a project that we did with Post -It Note Holders.

And these last 2 are cards that we did at Donna's this past month, we were using up leftovers....which is something I need to do...too many left overs!!!!  let me know if you'd like to come make left-over and recycled cards, and we'll plan a play-date.  I also have some Halloween projects I want to put together...another play-date!!! 

And about a recipe....  This is a fruit dish I did for my Open House earlier this month.  It was sooo... hot, and I was trying to keep the refreshments light.

Pineapple Mint Julep

2 TBLS. apple juice.
1/4 cup finely chopped fresh mint plus 2 TBLS. whole small fresh mint leaves
1 TBL. sugar
1 (2-lb.) extra sweet pineapple

Stir juice, chopped mint, and sugar in a small bowl.  Let stand 20 minutes to allow flavor of mint to develop.  Meanwhile, trim, peel, quarter , and core pineapple, then cut crosswise into 1/8 inch thick slices and transfer to a serving bowl.  Pour juice mixture through a sieve onto pineapple.  Add whole mint leaves and gently toss.  Enjoy and Bon Appetite!!!!  


  1. I must admit I have been glued to your site and so many others- watching in horror and praying for my favorite city in the world. Thanks for all the updates and links. I think my emotions have been following your lead. You are relaxing a bit now so I am too. Thank you for being such a wonderful source. I love this site and feel it lets me follow your projects and life! Your room looks fabulous. Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Thanks Karen...glad to help keep people updated. WE are still not out of the woods yet, and after this fire...there is still a very long hot summer to look forward to, and it is just so very dry here.