Friday, June 1, 2012

Busy Friday!!!

All I have left of the Studio is the area under the stairs....but I have run out of room for "stuff" I need to clean out the Bathroom(yes, I have stuff stored in the Bathroom), storeroom, beneath the stairs and the office.....Hopefully once that is done, I can get stuff out of the Bathroom, and make the area under the stairs a beverage area for events!!!!  That's the plan!!!!  I haven't cleaned out those other areas in it is really a necessity!!!!  Most of the problem is just re-organizing!!!!  Got the piles of stuff away from the Bathroom door, so we actually have a full door into the Bathroom again...Yeah!!!! 
Gettin' there!!!!
Got everything boxed up for the garage sale tomorrow....and upstairs into the garage.  It's raining on and can't load the truck until morning...Steven wants me to take the Easy Up...for the sun and rain.  Will take it and see.

How about some cards...these are swaps and project cards from our stamp day at Melissa's!!!
Good Men's Swap!!!
Great B-day Swap
This was one of our projects...lovin' those Memory Box Dies!!!

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