Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shoppin' and Cleaning Out!!!

When I found out I got the job at Colorado Engineering...I thought...oh wardrobe is gonna need some spicing up....I've been out of work for so long....I had neglected it so..... Then I remembered I had a Kohl's coupon in my purse...their big sale started today....everything in the store is like 30-50% off...and then I had another coupon for 30% off if I used my Kohl's thought that was an omen, to at least go out and get an outfit for Monday!!! So I found a cute pair of dressy Capri Dockers, a gorgeous peach and burn't orange crinkly material blouse, and a matching sweater to go with it, a pare if slide sandles (I saw all sorts of cute thong type sandles...but can't do the flip flop thing...between my me an instant headache!!!) A great Hobo type purse to match the shoes...and a pair of earrings and a I am good to go!!!

Here is the goodie bag contents we got from my Sentaments Exactly on the Shop Hop....

Best news for last...The new Catalog arrived is gorgeous....and so I started the big purge!!! Stamp Sets are all sorted and reorganized....

I had been storing them on shelves, alphabetically by box size, and just stacked them up on each other...but since we have 5 different box sizes...I was wasting lots of time searching......

So now they are just sorted alphabetically, and stacked on the shelves like books...makes so much more sense!!!!

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