Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last minute orders

Hello all...no pictures today...been busy trying to get the office straight after pulling so many items...and trying to get last minute orders placed...as things are starting to go fast....if you need anything....please don't wait, as I just put in a workshop and kept getting pop ups of htings no longer available, as I was trying ot close it out, and had to rework it about 4 times.....Stamp sets are fine...but accessories, especially papers and inks are going fast!!! But you are all gonna love the new catalog...it is the best yet!!!! (I say that every year...but this one is truely great!!!)

Stated my new job yesterday...adn I love it!!! They had a catered lunch....they do that alot when Clients come into town...but it sure was a nice way to start off my first day there!!!

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